[MHG English Remix Patch] Rev 13

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[MHG English Remix Patch] Rev 13

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[MHG English Remix Patch] Rev 13
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About the patch
-Most of the game text is translated, except some .mib files-related text (like in-quest quest descriptions and monsters names), and all the HTML-related pages that are not useful at the moment (like the TOS, or the REGISTER/CHANGE page).

-I decided to call it Remix because I used some old translation patches made by Yuzucchi, ViciousShadow, and Dixdros, thanks! Also thanks to Strangely Brown for giving me his save to check some text!

-A lot of translations made by Yuzucchi in his English patch 0.6 were removed and changed for official translations. The rest was translated by me.

-The "CAPCOM:" auto messages were shortened to fit in 1 line. Sadly, the text can bug it a bit if is done in two lines :/

-A lot of pointers were adjusted manually to make a good amount of space to avoid the use of abbreviations.

-The patch can be edited and the files that are there can be used for anyone, so if you want to use them for your own project feel free to do it.

-When patching use a clean iso and make a backup of it, the patch looks stable to me but who knows xD.

-Has been tested in real hardware. Let me know if you find bugs in real hardware.

Here is my public spreadsheet database, in case someone needs something from it (MHG-non-dialogue-related text has not been updated since rev11).
Changes in Rev 13:
-"No inventory space..." is now "No inventory space left".
-Rook room name/pointer is fixed.
-A typo from Kokoto sister NPC was corrected.
-"Ready for departure" text/pointer is fixed.
-Cheat files for PCSX2 Nightly were added (thanks to Amy Chaqueta for it).
Changes in Rev 12:
-The positioning of some text has been changed to move them away from the edges, center them, or align them.
-Some texts that were shortened/abbreviated due to lack of space have been changed to look like their MH1US counterpart.
-Most of the memory card and Net file saving/loading, similars, and networking-related screen text were edited to make them match with MH1US.
-Some menu-related text was changed to make them match with MH1US.
-The tutorial text doesn't cause crashes in real hardware anymore.
-Names: These two were changed due to their positioning in the shop list and also because they are not part of a path like in F1.
* Seiglinde+ -> Sieglinde G
* Siegmund+ -> Siegmund G
-"Node head" is node-less now :D .
-All Yuzu mods (subspecies, key quest, special ATK debloater, and colors for elemental/status ATK in the shop) were disabled. To enable them again use the cheat file that comes with the patch.
-Online lobby names were changed to make them similar to Japanese names. You can still use the old names using the cheat file.
-All HTML screens were fixed (ie: login screen).
-Text when mail is sent was fixed.
-"oned" part in the "Quest Abandoned" animation was fixed.
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Re: [MHG English Remix Patch] Rev 13

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Muchas gracias! :D
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